Journal of Korean Endocrine Society 1996;11(2):156-162.
Published online November 7, 2019.
Effects of Interleukin-6 on mRNA Expression of Alkaline Phosphatase, Osteopontin, Decorin and a1(1)-collagen in Human Bone Marrow Stromal Cells.
Chul Hee Kim, Dong Kwan Kim, Seung Il Park, Kwang Hyun Sohn, Ghi Su Kim
Inter1eukin-6(IL-6) is known to be produced by osteoblastic cells and to have impartant role in regulation of bone remodelling, Most previous studies indicated that IL-6 bas a major role in stimulating osteoclastic resorption by increasing recruitment and proliferation of preosteoclasts. But its autocrine effect on osteoblastic cells has not been well established yet. Therefore, we studied the effects of IL-6 on messenger RNA (mRNA) expression of proteins that are characteristic of osteoblastic cells in human bone marrow stromal (osteoprogenitor) cells (hRMSC). Methods: The expression of mRNAs for alkaline phosphatase, al(1)-collagen, osteopontin and decorin were studied by northern blot analysis after 3 7 days' treatrnent with IL-6 in the concenttation range of 101,000 U/ml. Results: The mRNA levels for any of the osteoblastic proteins studied did not change significantly by IL-6 treatment up to the concentration of 1,000 U/ml. Conclusion: These results suggest that IL-6 does not have a significant role in differentiatian or activities of human bone rnarrow stromal.
Key Words: Interleukin-6, Human bone marmw stromal cells, Alkaline phos- phatase, al(1)-Collagen

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